Ms strangeworth character sketch

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“The Possibility of Evil”: Short Story Summary and Analysis

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The Possibility of Evil

A discussion of the character traits of a fictitious elderly woman named Miss Strangeworth will occur in this character sketch.

Miss Strangeworth was an elderly woman, who. A discussion of the character traits of a fictitious elderly woman named Miss Strangeworth will occur in this character sketch.

The possibility of evil by shirley jackson

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Metamorphosis Character Analysis.

What is the character of Miss Strangeworth?

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Business plan template ms office

A Possibility of Evil Character Sketch – Adela Strangeworth Essay Sample. She is portrayed as an old lady who has too much pride and wants to be in the know of every tiny piece of gossip in town. Miss Adela Strangeworth lives on Pleasant Street in her ancestral home.

She is described prominently as a harmless old lady in the beginning of the story. Setting, Conflict, Resolution, Character Analysis, Conclusions, Synthesizing, Author's Purpose, First-Person Point of View, Naive Narrator, Inference, Tone, Figurative Language, Idioms.

Ms strangeworth character sketch
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"The Possibility of Evil": Short Story Summary and Analysis