My view on politics

My personal view on politics by Thomas Tsilionis

This can get especially ugly when resources and influence are limited, as is the case in many tech companies. One of the most famous political philosophers, Machiavelli advised that leaders of politics be brutal and manipulative and do whatever they could to retain their power.

In fact, it would be impossible to hold elections without them. If one politician is capable of irty tricks or dereliction of duty, then they may all be equally capable of some wrongdoing.

I therefore subscribe to the Rockwell rule when it comes to any tax reform proposal: They are the party of war, torture, empire, militarism, the warfare state — and the welfare state.

Politics is seen as something that only suits a particular kind of person: I loathe politicians, and especially members of Congress, of whom Mark Twain said: I think the last good Democratic president was Grover Cleveland. I believe with Frank Chodorov that the income tax is the root of all evil.

Sometimes it not the politics but the person who is in the position that creates the bad politics. What could possibly be so bad about it. This general perception of politicians becomes even more pronounced during election campaigns, where candidates have the leverage to expose each other's political and personal shortcomings.

If there's one single point which is key to my political beliefs, it is an emphatic belief in free speech. Some people would go so far as to tell you that since we have Law Enforcement agencies to protect us there is really no need for us to own firearms, and that the 2nd Amendment to the U.

Originally posted on LewRockwell. Politics is engagement with the world. You will be a much better person, and more responsible Voter, for having done so.

The bigger its majority, the more powerful it feels. Sometimes parties adopt fairly similar positions on an issue, but at other times they differ strongly. There are many unfair stereotypes. Political Quiz. In politics the debate over global warming is centered on whether this increase in temperature is due to greenhouse gas emissions or is the result of a natural pattern in the earth's temperature.

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My stance on politics

No. For more of my opinions, the following points summarize my politics: Ditch the ideology, and tell me the facts.

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Freedom of speech is important. Freedom of speech is so important to me, that for a while I was considering listing this as the only political view I have. However, as somewhat less important subjects, here are the rest of my.

What Are Your Political Views?

Politics News. Sen. Blunt: Attacks on the press are 'not my point of view' "It's not my point of view. I see the media, the press every day in. My personal view on politics by Thomas Tsilionis It is important then that you understand what politics really is. Politics, at its core, is defined by Wikipedia as the process by.

My View On Politics Without politics, the world would be in chaos due to the lack of discipline. Politics help to organize the laws of the land, and help us to find people that would lead us to.

Not in any particular order, here are twelve propositions that make up my "view of politics." On the state, I believe with Lew Rockwell that the state is "a gang with a flag." I believe with Murray Rothbard that the state is "a bandit gang writ large.".

What are my political views? My view on politics
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