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They tend to be overwhelmed by new physics questions. In some situations this second picture may be a graph, free body diagram, or vector diagram rather than a picture of a physical situation. Our company is called the best physics helper by thousands of satisfied customers, so you can rely on us no matter what academic dilemma you have.

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Physics Questions

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Prepare by briefly previewing the sections of the textbook that apply to the subjects to be covered. You will also find it easier to read the problems when you prepare for exams if you show all your work.

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We have customers all over the world: Try to determine what principles they illustrate. For example, staticsa subfield of mechanicsis used in the building of bridges and other static structures. These words will appear without explanation in the math questions on the test, so you better know them cold.

Based on your answer, what are the implications for making a turn close to the curb.


We are dedicated to your success, fulfilling your requirements for accuracy and timely delivery. Problem 11 A heavy pump casing with a mass m is to be lifted off the ground using a crane.

Questions lead to answers that lead back to more questions. When you copy drawings, completeness is worth more than careful artwork. Classical mechanics approximates nature as continuous, while quantum theory is concerned with the discrete nature of many phenomena at the atomic and subatomic level and with the complementary aspects of particles and waves in the description of such phenomena.

This was noted and advocated by Pythagoras[48] Plato[49] Galileo[50] and Newton. During your reading you will notice sections, equations, or ideas that apply directly to assigned problems. Moreover, nearly all of the problems that you will be faced with in a physics course can be analyzed by means of one or more of these laws.

You may lose your marks just because of these silly mistakes. Make a drawing of the problem. Online Physics Lessons Splung. Mathematics and ontology are used in physics.

After you have read such a section, stop and analyze its application to a homework problem. This pocket diary will help you to revise all the important topics anytime and anywhere.

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Be sure to check the units of your solution to see that they are appropriate. At times it may be necessary to obtain further information from your textbook or notes before the proper formulas can be chosen. While the spring is being compressed, what work is done on the block by Determine the acceleration components normal to the wheel, at points A, B, C, D labeled as shown.

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Help! An artist must push with a minimum force of 75 N at an angle of 45° to a picture to hold it in equilibrium. The coefficient of friction between the. Physics is the study of the basic principles that govern the physical world around us.

We'll start by looking at motion itself. Most Commonly asked questions. Select a question from the list below to find out more. How does physics help sport? Why is the sky blue? Follow us on twitter and keep up with all the latest on and the rest of the web.

Nov 08,  · Hi, I need help with my AP Physics questions. I tried all the problems and was unsure of my ways to approach the problems. If you can correct my errors, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Physics questions help
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Physics Questions